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These general terms and conditions (hereafter “Terms”) apply to all bookings made with an Aden life, regardless of the sales channel used.

1.1 Notice of receipt of a booking: a booking for an Aden Life Apartment is only final after written confirmation by Aden Life. Aden Life sends the customer a confirmation by e-mail with an overview and confirmation of the booking.
In the case of online bookings on the website, the notification of receipt of the booking sent by e-mail contains an overview of the agreement, the booked services, prices, the price chosen and the corresponding by the customer accepted conditions of sale, information regarding further services and business guarantees, and the address of the seller's office to which the customer can address any complaints.
1.2 Multiple bookings: For multiple bookings, a special group agreement must be concluded, which will prevail in the event of any conflict with the provisions of these Terms. A booking is considered multiple if it relates to 7 or more Apartments, OR to accommodation for 15 or more persons in Aden Life, and is made by the same legal or natural person.
1.3 Prior to booking the services, the customer declares that the booking for these services is made for the customer's own personal needs. As a consumer, the customer enjoys a number of special rights that may not apply if the services were booked in connection with activities of a commercial or commercial nature, or as a professional or self-employed person. It is not allowed to carry out commercial or professional activities in the Apartments.
Choosing the services and ensuring they meet the customer's needs is the sole responsibility of the customer, so Aden Life is not liable in this regard.
A booking is personal and can under no circumstances be transferred to third parties, free of charge or against payment.


2.1 Aden Life has a differentiated pricing system for stays of 4 or more nights: this is a special offer (or Flex Deal offer), which applies to all bookings for 7 or more nights and is always valid for all Aden Life stays.
The charges for all bookings, regardless of how they are made, are payable in local currency unless expressly stated otherwise.
Prices are flexible and variable depending on several individual criteria such as the booking date, the start date of the stay, the length of the stay, the classification of the Apartment and extras (breakfast, transfer, etc.).
They are listed per Apartment and per night for the chosen dates and length of stay, regardless of the number of people per Apartment (up to the maximum number allowed) and include: rental of the Apartment, taxes and charges (water, electricity, heating).
Depending on the applicable local regulations, local taxes such as city tax may be payable upon arrival at the apartment.
2.2 Unless included in the price or expressly chosen at the time of booking, extras (breakfast, parking, etc.) are an option for which additional costs will be charged, if applicable.
2.3 Prizes cannot be combined with other current special offers. Aden Life reserves the right to revise it in case of changes in legislation and / or regulations that lead to a price change (such as, for example, a change in the applicable VAT rate or the introduction of a new tax). Any new taxes or levies imposed by the competent authority, or changes thereto, are automatically included in the prices indicated on the invoice date.
Examples of prices listed as "From…." in the media and on the website apply to a stay during the expressly stated number of nights and only apply to the specified departure dates and cities.


3.1 All bookings must be guaranteed with a bank card number valid on the start date of your stay and accompanied by:
• pre-authorization from the customer's bank for an amount corresponding to the price of the first night, for stays of 1 to 9 nights,
• payment of a deposit corresponding to the price (consisting of accommodation and any additional services paid) of:
o the first 4 nights, for a stay of 10 to 27 nights,
o the first 6 nights, for a stay of 28 to 90 nights,
o the first 15 nights, for stays longer than 91 nights.
3.2 Aden Life is entitled to make use of the guarantee in the event that the tenant does not pay amounts due to Aden Life for the accommodation and / or services used on site (telephone, breakfast, etc.), any damage caused to the Apartments or common areas, or in case of theft from the Aden Life Appertement. After the customer has left, an amount equal to a quote for repair after discovery of damage to the Apartment in which the customer has stayed may be charged to the bank card used to pay for and guarantee the stay.
If these conditions are not met, the booking will not be confirmed.
3.4 The credit card used for the booking, as well as any valid identity documents, must be presented on arrival. Failing this, Aden Life can deny the customer access to the Apartment.
3.5 For stays longer than 28 nights, a seasonal rental agreement will be concluded between Aden Life management and the tenant on arrival. The tenant must provide the following documents: a bank identification document, a copy of an identity document and a bank guarantee in the form of a credit card number that is valid until the end of the stay. The booking will not be confirmed until all these documents have been submitted at the time the rental agreement is signed.
Under no circumstances may the client designate the rented property as his main residence, whether for professional, family or medical reasons. The customer is obliged to have his own main residence during the entire rental period.


Payment terms vary depending on the length of stay and the brand concerned.
For stays of 1 to 14 nights: the remaining amount due for the entire stay must be paid on arrival (after deduction of any down payment made for a stay of 10 to 14 nights).
For stays of 15 to 27 nights: payment for the first 15 nights, less any down payment, is due upon arrival. The remainder is due at the end of the first two-week period.
For stays longer than 28 nights: Payment for the first 15 nights, less any deposit, is due upon arrival. During the stay and before the end of each two week period, the cost of the following two week period must be paid in advance.
Payment methods. Bookings made through the Aden Life website can be paid by bank card (MasterCard, Visa) or PayPal. Payments at the Aparthotel can be made in cash (up to the legal maximum), or by bank card (MasterCard, Visa), check or bank transfer.

Late payment: if the above payment dates are exceeded, Aden Life may charge penalty interest. This penalty is payable from the day after the due date of the invoice, at a rate of 15% per year, calculated on the total amount of the invoice, including VAT. A fixed penalty equal to 15% of the amount due can also be charged for collection costs, if applicable.


5.1 Conditions for canceling a booking: The required period for complete and free cancellation of your booking depends on the total duration of the originally booked stay. There are no costs for cancellation:
• up to 12 noon one (1) before the day of arrival, for a stay of 1 to 3 nights,
• until 12:00 noon two (2) days before the day before arrival, for a stay of 4 to 9 nights,
• up to 12 noon three (3) days before arrival, for stays of 10 to 90 nights,
• Until 12:00 noon seven (7) days before arrival, for stays longer than 91 nights.
If these deadlines are exceeded and the renter does not show up on the day of arrival, Aden Life reserves the right to charge the following cancellation fees, unless local regulations prohibit it:
• deduction of the daily costs of the service, for stays of 1 to 3 nights,
• deduction of twice the daily cost of the service, for a stay of 4 to 9 nights,
• non-refund of the deposit paid for extra services paid for stays longer than 10 nights.

If additional services have been chosen at the time of booking, no cancellations after the above deadline will be accepted by Aden Life. The costs for extra booked services remain payable.

5.2 Conditions for partial cancellation of a booking: any changes in the date, length of stay, classification of the Apartment or the location of stay compared to the booking originally confirmed by Aden Life, are considered a partial cancellation of the booking.
Given the Aden Life pricing system associated with the length of stay, partial cancellation of a booking due to length of stay may result in a price change.
If the length of stay is shorter than originally booked, the price change applies retroactively to the day of arrival.

In the case of a longer stay, Aden Life will decide on acceptance and the price change will be applied from the date that the extension of the stay is notified, with respect to the additional night (s) booked. The price change does not apply retroactively. In addition to a price change, a partial cancellation of a booking can lead to the following cancellation costs being charged:

1. In case of partial cancellation of a booking before the arrival date, no costs will be charged for the cancellation:

until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival, for stays of 1 to 3 nights, o until 12:00 noon on the day before arrival, for stays of 4 to 9 nights,

until 12:00 noon 3 days before arrival, for stays of 10 to 90 nights,

until 12 noon 7 days before arrival, for stays longer than 91 nights.

2. In case of partial cancellation of a booking after the arrival date (early departure), no costs will be charged for the cancellation:

until 12:00 noon on the day of early departure, for stays of 1 to 9 nights,

until 12:00 noon on the day before the day of early departure, for stays of 10 to 27 nights,

until 12:00 noon 3 days before the day of early departure, for stays of 28 to 90 nights, o until 12:00 noon 7 days before the day of early departure, for stays longer than 91 nights.

3. For other periods, Aden Life reserves the right to charge the following cancellation costs:

one night, for a stay of 1 to 9 nights,

the number of canceled nights (maximum 2 nights), for a stay of 10 to 27 nights,

the number of canceled nights (maximum 7 nights), for a stay longer than 91 nights.

4. If you stay shorter than your reservation, you will not receive a refund or part of a refund of the Payment for your stay.


5.3 Report: For acceptance, a (full or partial) cancellation must be reported:

1. To Aden Life, if booked directly with Aden Life: o directly by email to Aden Life. o or through the booking system: a booking can be canceled directly on the website

2. At the provider where the Apartment is booked.


Some of our offers, referred to as Flex offers, are "non-exchangeable, non-refundable". For these periods of stay, the following conditions replace the conditions for cancellation and modification of periods of stay mentioned above:
Prepayment of the total cost of the stay: all bookings must be accompanied by a payment for the total cost of the stay. Otherwise the booking is not guaranteed.
Non-exchangeable, non-refundable, non-cancellable and non-changeable offers: Given the special price offered by Aden life, offers and / or periods of stay of this nature cannot be exchanged, refunded or modified. Requests for modification or cancellation cannot be considered. Regardless of the date on which the booking is canceled, a fee equal to the total cost of the stay will be charged. No compensation will be given for failure to use booked and charged additional services.
Failure to show up at the rented: If you do not show up at the rented property, compensation equal to the total cost of the stay will be charged.


Keys can be collected from 3 pm on the day of arrival upon presentation of the credit card used to make the booking and a valid identity document.
Keys must be returned before 11:00 am on the day of departure. After that time, an extra night may be charged.
These times are approximate and may vary at some of our Apartments.


An Apartment is suitable for occupancy by a certain number of people as stated in the rental and may never be occupied by a higher number of people. All children 2 years and older are fully considered as persons and are counted in the occupancy of the Apartment. Aden Life points out that extra beds can only be placed in the Apartments if they are requested and Aden Life agrees.


We draw your attention to the fact that our Apartments are not holiday centers and that they are not suitable for housing outside the family home of minors or groups of minors under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by their legal representatives. Aden life reserves the right to refuse access to an Apartment booked by anyone unaware of this provision for the benefit of minors under the age of 18 years who are not accompanied by their legal representatives. If these persons report to the reception of Aden Life, Aden Life can immediately cancel the booking. Also, Aden Life has the right to cancel the booking at any time prior to the start of the stay if it appears that the Apartment will be occupied by minors under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by their legal representatives.
Child Policy: Stay is free for infants under 2 (two) years of age staying in their parents' Apartment, provided this is stated at the time of booking. Baby facilities can be pre-booked directly at the reception (baby chair + cot), when available.

ARTICLE 10 PERSONAL DATA If you book a stay in one of our Apartments, your personal data will be processed jointly by Aden Life. These data are necessary to manage your reservation and can be used to map your customer profile more clearly and send information about products and services offered by Aden Life, and in particular Aden Life Apartments. Aden Life cannot process bookings without this information. Your data will be made available to Aden Life and its companies and service providers. Your data may be shared with organizations located outside the European Union to process your reservation and to follow up your file in the context of pre-contractual measures or on the basis of an authorization from the Turkish privacy regulator. Aden Life conducts and is responsible for its own administration of your data for the following purposes: commercial processing of reservations and customers, billing and payment, prospecting and advertising / commercial actions, commercial statistics and satisfaction surveys. The data is made available to Aden Life Apartments and its service providers where relevant. ARTICLE 11 CARDS AND MEMBERSHIPS All benefits, discounts and booking guarantees associated with Aden Life membership cards or loyalty cards apply only to bookings made at participating Aden Life Aparthotels, and cannot be combined with any other offer. The terms and conditions governing the award of points are governed by the terms and conditions of the Aden Life loyalty program. Please note that no points will be awarded for bookings with Aparthotels that do not participate in the loyalty program.


House rules hang in every Apartment. All tenants are deemed to have read it. The tenant must keep the furniture made available in the Apartment in good general condition and report any defects or shortcomings to the reception.
We request that you take precautions to avoid any inconvenience: close the front windows before leaving your Apartment and lock the door. We remind you that Aden Life cannot accept any liability for personal items that you leave in your Apartment during your absence.
Aden Life reserves the right to enter the Apartments for cleaning purposes, to check the general condition and to verify that safety and security regulations have been met.
Except in special cases, pets are admitted upon presentation of a rabies vaccination certificate and a certificate of competence to keep dogs subject to certain restrictions, and provided that Aden Life has been informed of the pet in advance and the corresponding flat fee, to be paid on site is paid.
Aden Life offers a Wi-Fi facility (whether or not for a fee), so that customers can use the internet. The customer must ensure that the IT facilities made available by Aden Life are not used in any way for the purpose of reproduction, public display or presentation, making available or sending to the public works or objects that are under copyright or similar. rights, such as texts, images, photos, music or audiovisual works, computer programs and video games, without the permission of the rightholders, to the extent that such permission is required. Customer must adhere to the security policies of Aden Life's Internet Service Provider, including the rules regarding the use of security devices installed to prevent unlawful use of IT facilities [or as otherwise stated in the Company's IT Policy ] and should refrain from any actions that could undermine the effectiveness of these features. If the customer does not comply with the foregoing obligations, they may be prosecuted for copyright infringement.
If the tenant violates the obligations stated here, including non-compliance with the internal rules, Aden Life reserves the right to shorten the stay.


13.1 The status of Aden Life varies from country to country. The status of the branches is stated on the Aden Life website and in all communication media. The regulations regarding the status of the establishment and of the country apply.
Therefore, we point out that Apartments rented within Aparthotels are not subject to the liability rules applicable to hoteliers. This means that ADAGIO accepts no liability in the event of loss, theft or damage to personal items occurring within its establishments, which are referred to as Vacation Rentals, not for the Apartments themselves, nor for the car parks and common areas.
13.2 In accordance with regulations in some countries, the customer may be requested to complete a police registration form upon arrival at Aden Life. In connection with this, the customer will be asked to provide an identity document so that it can be checked whether he has to complete the registration form.
13.3 The tenant cannot invoke the legal provisions that apply to the rental of dwellings, in particular those regarding rental protection. The tenant may not provide the address of the accommodation as an address for tax or professional purposes, and in no way make the Apartment available or sublet it to third parties.
13.4 These Terms and Conditions are governed by Turkish law, without prejudice to applicable law under private international law. This applies to both substantive and procedural rules.
13.5 The photos shown on the website and / or in the catalog have no contractual validity. While every effort has been made to ensure that all photographs, graphics and texts provided to illustrate Aden Life represent as accurately as possible the accommodation services offered, deviations may occur, in particular due to changes in furniture or any renovation works. The customer cannot make any claims on these grounds.


Our local teams are at your disposal throughout your stay to respond to any complaints, resolve issues and help you enjoy your stay to the fullest. You can always contact them if you have any questions.
Any complaints after your stay can be submitted:
• by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to Aden Life, Yukari Dikmen Mah. Cankaya Ankara, Turkey; or
• by e-mail to:
within 2 months of the end of your stay, so that we can respond as quickly as possible. Please note that the longer it takes for you to file a complaint, the less likely it is that we will be able to handle the matter in your best interest. In order to facilitate processing of your complaint, please indicate in your letter the name of the person who booked the stay, the booking number, the place and dates of your stay, and the Apartment or room type booked. We also request that you enclose full supporting documentation with the letter so that we can deal with your complaint as quickly as possible.
Please note that if your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily, after official written confirmation from our management, you have the right to initiate a mediation procedure.


If an exceptional situation occurs or if it is impossible to make the booked Apartment available to you, or in case of force majeure, Aden Life can offer you alternative accommodation for your entire or part of your stay in an Aparthotel with your consent. of a corresponding category offering similar services.
Any additional costs will be borne by Aden Life.


By booking a stay with us, you are deemed to have accepted our Terms and Conditions. You will find the applicable conditions (and in particular the conditions that apply to the booking, payment, changes and cancellation) in the Conditions on our website The Conditions mentioned apply as long as they are stated on the website www.adenlife and Aden Life has the right to change and / or supplement them at any time. In that case, Aden Life will publish the new version of the special internet conditions on the website.
As soon as these are published on the website, the new version of the special internet conditions automatically applies to all customers.
By booking a stay with Aden Life you are deemed to have accepted these Conditions.
For all bookings made through the website or via mobile services, it is assumed that the Terms and Conditions and the special terms and conditions applicable to the booked price have been consulted and accepted in full and without reservation. At the time of booking, the customer accepts the relevant Conditions and the special conditions that apply to the booked price; bookings are not possible without this acceptance. Customers can save and print the Terms using the standard functions of their browser or computer.
In the event of a conflict between the Terms and the special terms and conditions for a particular price (consumer prices that cannot be changed and are non-refundable) or a contract (Business or Holiday contract, etc.), the latter will prevail.

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